Aishah Prastowo

DPhil Student in Engineering Science, University of Oxford

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News and blog articles:

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Academic articles:

Textile-based microfluidics: modulated wetting, mixing, sorting and energy harvesting - link
G.O.F Parikesit, F. Prasetia, G.A. Pribadi, D.C. Simbolon, G.Y. Pradhana, A.R. Prastowo, A. Gunawan, K. Suryopratomo & I. Kusumaningtyas

Merging drops in a Teflon tube, and transferring fluid between them, illustrated by protein crystallization and drug screening - link
A. Feuerborn, A. Prastowo, P.R. Cook & E. Walsh

Implementation of Islamic economics in Indonesia by developing green economy through renewable energy technologies - link
R. Budiarto, A.R. Wardhana & A. Prastowo